Rotary Encoder Interface

Rotary encoders are used in most radios for volume and radio tuning. This project page will give a simple interface that can be used in PIC microcontroller and FPGA circuit design

The Rotary Encoder Interface

Radio Audio Interface

Fldigi uses a unique approach in providing transmit signal other than serial interface by injecting a 1 Khz tone on one of the two audio channels from your computer. The other channel contains digital data information. A simple, passive circuit provides radios with PTT control from this transmit signal.

The Audio Interface Project

Radio Serial Interface

Many modern radios have a form of RS-232 interface capability. ICOM CVI interface is RS-232 half duplex. Kenwood uses full duplex. The approach here is compatible with both full duplex and half duplex, as the customization is all in the interface cable

The Radio Serial Interface Project