Ham Radio Programs
Echo Link
MultiPSK - with other modes

Popular Programs
CutePDF - Create PDF files from any windows application, free
Paint.Net - Graphics utility, editor, free
Irfanview - Great graphics viewer program, many options, super fast, free
Filezilla - One of the best FTP clients, free
Portable apps - Run from USB stick, no registry entries
gimp - Graphics program, free
Winmail Opener - Convert winmail.dat files to something readable, free
Open Office - Free and open productivity suite

Anti-Virus, Anti-spy Tools
AVG Anti-Virus - Free, works well
Malwarebytes Anti-malware - Best for spyware detection and elimination, free
AdAware - Another great spyware detect and removal, free

DD-WRT - Change/upgrade router firmware with this program
WmWiFiRouter - Turn your Smart phone into a WiFi hotspot
Unstoppable Copier - Allows copying of video files with CRC errors

Software Sources
Giveaway of the day

Linux (Ubuntu)
Linux (Red Hat)
Linux (Fedora)
Linux (Vector)
Pidgin - Internet Chat
Wine - Windows Emulator
VLC - Multimedia Player
Flash - Player for Linux

Alternative Operating Systems, related..
Linux (Ubuntu)
Linux (Red Hat)
Linux (Fedora)
Free BSD
Virtualbox - Works great for running windows under Linux, free
VMware Player
Guide to Operating systems (free and non-free)

Non-Microsoft Browsers
Firefox - Favorite alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer
USB Firefox - Run Firefox from USB stick
Chrome - There is concerns about apps loaded and running in the background with this program
USB Chrome - Run Chrome from USB stick
Safari (Apple)

Firefox Add-ons
Front Page
Adblock Plus - Eliminate unwanted advertisement
Download Helper - Want to archive YouTube videos
FoxClocks - Handy clock utility
Quick Java - Turn Java and Javascript on or off easily
Flash Block - Block automatic Flash loads
JSView - View javasripts and CSS for page being viewed
Print Menu - Adds 'Print' to menu
Copy Menu - Allows 'copy as text' from browser
Table>CLPBRD - Copies whole html table for copy & paste
Live HTTP Headers - See frame & header information
Web Developer 1.1.8 - Awesome utility

Wikipedia on 'R'
Website (and related) Programming